Autonomous Shuttle

EZ10 passenger shuttle - presented by EasyMile

The EZ10 will be transporting GSE Expo Europe Visitors, giving you the opportunity to experience the most-deployed autonomous passenger shuttle in the world in person. The shuttle will be running all day between the visitor car parking and the entrance to the show. 

Driverless and 100% electric, the EZ10 carries up to 12 people and is designed for operation in mixed traffic environments, it bridges the gap between existing transport services and offers mobility in city or town centres as well as on business or other campuses. These shuttles run safely and effectively in a wide range of environments, including varying traffic conditions (segregated road, mixed traffic with bicycles and pedestrians, mixed traffic with low-speed cars, etc.) and changing weather conditions (extreme heat, snow, rain, etc). EasyMile's technology has driven more than 1,000,000km autonomously and the shuttles run in public transport and as standalone services on 4 continents.

The Technology
Autonomous vehicles use a range of sensors and cameras with real-time processing that instruct them to navigate efficiently and independently without any human intervention. This includes centimetre-precise localization at any moment, wide-range perception to handle obstacles and decisions at intersections and pedestrian crossings.