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Stand: C30
  • Electric & Alternative Energy GSE

Advanced Charging Technologies (ACT) has led the Ground Support Equipment (eGSE) charging sector, introducing innovative technologies. President Michael K. Nelson guides the company towards operational excellence, emphasizing innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction to advance the shift to cleaner, more efficient power solutions.

ACT's commitment to trust, unity, accountability, and growth has set it as a standard in delivering environmentally sustainable, high-quality solutions globally. The company's impact is significant, with over 65,000 chargers deployed worldwide, contributing to global electrification efforts.

Leading with the innovative Quantum chargers, known for smart functionalities, ACT demonstrates its dedication to enhancing fleet efficiency and sustainability. Supported by ACTview for remote management and Battview for battery optimization, these products showcase ACT's leadership in operational improvements. Coupled with services designed for fleet operation optimization and energy efficiency, ACT secures its status as the leading provider of efficient power solutions in the eGSE market, driving the industry towards sustainability.


17260 Newhope Street
United States


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