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Stand: C17

ARI ENERGY is a leading high-performance battery system solutions innovator. ARI team is made up of seasoned veterans who know and understand battery technology and battery management system. We focus on 12.8V-102.4V and 1.3KWh-50KWh battery system.

By combining our signature scalable design with cutting-edge technology, ARI ENERGY is making high-performance battery systems available to a wide variety of applications. Our clean, intelligent, and cost-efficient power solutions allow industrial customers to transition away from fossil fuels and legacy power sources such as lead-acid and internal combustion engines (ICE).

ARI ENERGY provides both standard form factor batteries, as well as tailored battery modules to meet the growing need for the “electrification” of things, extending beyond a “one size fits all” approach.

Modularity minimizes effort of purchasing variation, inventory control, and servicing. As each magic battery has battery management system, the most important thing about magic battery is to increase product reliability and safety. Of course, magic lithium battery will reduce life cycle costs of equipment.


Huan Qiao South Road


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