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Stand: EX35, A32

Having 40th year in solely GSE manufacture, DENGE® is an efficiently organized business-driven family company with a global reputation and strong references. Holding patented designs and details on every DENGE® product, stylish DENGE® equipment evolve from the 1980s look to today’s fashion, and all are reached by the collective intelligence of the entire workforce producing high-level innovation solutions for better services and products. DENGE® has Professional service of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) PRM Truck, Catering Truck, Passenger Stair, BeltConveyor, Vacuum Lavatory Truck, Water Supply Truck, Pallet/Container Dolly, Baggage Cart and supporting other Equipment with manual, diesel, electrical driven alternatives and over the commercial truck or DENGE® chassis availability. Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) Carousel, Scale, Collector, Curve conveyors, design services.

Cargo Handling Systems (CHS) Scissored platforms, roller decks, ball decks, castor ULD Storage Systems (USS) Single or double-level decks for storage of empty ULDS or Pallets with a moving scissored platform for loading/offloading All DENGE® products are manufactured as per IATA AHM (Airport Handling Manual) regulations as well as the quality standards required for both the relevant country and the product. DENGE® has all industry-standard certifications for both Company and its products and on top of these DENGE® has its values above all which are integrity, honesty, fairness & innovativeness, ingenuity, originality & environmentalism, sustainability, affordability.


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