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FOD*BOSS sweeping mats have been sweeping any surface quickly and efficiently for over 20 years . Whether at the airport, race tracks or industrial areas, the sweeping mat reliably removes foreign bodies and dirt. It protects the pavement and surfaces, and road markings and joints remain undamaged.

Safe thanks to FOD*BOSS
nuts, screws, nails, stones, sand, staples, rubber abrasion, steel bristles - the sweeping mats reliably remove all foreign bodies and dirt particles from the surface. Tire damage is minimized and safety on surfaces and roads is increased.

Effective against disruptive foreign objects / FOD (foreign object damage)
As soon as there are disruptive foreign objects / FOD on traffic areas, the danger increases. In order to achieve the highest possible level of safety, asphalted routes should be kept clean. This applies to motorways, airstrips and flight aprons as well as to race tracks or traffic training areas. Safety on all of these routes increases significantly if it is ensured that foreign objects are removed thoroughly and regularly.

This is how the FOD*BOSS sweeping mats work.
The FOD*BOSS sweeping mat is pulled over the asphalt surface with any vehicle at up to 50 km/h. It works reliably on concrete or asphalt, whether smooth or grooved, under wet or dry conditions. Several rows of robust and long-lasting brush strips capture the foreign bodies lying on the floor and whirl them into the special collection pockets.

In a direct comparison with a sweeper, the FOD*BOSS sweeping mat performs excellently: it is cheaper, saves costs and works more thoroughly.


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