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Stand: EX33
  • Air Starts & Accessories
  • Electric & Alternative Energy GSE
  • GPUs, PCAs, Power Carts & Accessories 

Guinault, a 150 employee company, is not just a general GSE supplier. It focusses 100% of its activity on APU substitution solutions, including 400Hz power supply, air start units, air conditioning units and combined ACU+400Hz machines. The items of equipment can be fixed, mobile, diesel, electric or hybrid.
Only a profund engineering expertise can generate innovation: electronic, alternators, refrigeration and software technologies are designed at Guinault’s facility. Alternator are manufactured at Guinault / France to ensure the highest reliability and efficiency. 
Guinault is inspired by its customers and supported by its deep technical expertise to generate value for its clientele. Guinault has remained the specialist for APU-OFF solutions since 1949, being both independent and innovative.


PAOS La Saussaye - 95 rue du rond d'eau


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