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Iηovair is the leading supplier of high efficient, compact compressor packages for the global deicing, military PCA, cabin pressurization and now air-start markets. Designed and manufactured in the USA, Iƞovair’s integrally-geared, high-pressure 2200, 1600 and 1200 series PCA blowers have proven to be highly durable in a wide variety of military PCA and cabin pressurization applications, with the ability to achieve higher-pressures than any other PCA blower on the market. Iƞovair’s technology is robust, compact, and highly-efficient, providing you with the performance and reliability for even the most demanding applications. Iƞovair’s air-start blowers are the latest entry in the GSE market. This new product line is being developed to cover ranges of 100-120, 150-200 and 250-300 lb/min for air-start and maintenance applications. The same technology that has made the DB-105 blower the gold standard for forced-air deicing applications has been designed into all our GSE products. Service and support are best-in-class, as all systems are designed, built, and supported in the US.

Accessible Technologies, the parent company of both Inovair and ProCharger supercharger systems, has been designing and producing industry leading turbomachinery for over 30 years. For product inquiries, visit or contact Glen Roderique ( or Dave Sperber (


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