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Stand: EX48
Mototok has been revolutionising the way aircraft are maneuvered safely and much more efficiently for over 15 years. We are probably the best for all hangar operations and are on the way to make pushbacks much more efficient and safer. 

A MOTOTOK is a fully electric, wireless transmission controlled, heavy duty towbarless pushback tug which loads and unloads the nose wheel automatically.
  • The most compact tug in the world.
  • Towing capacity 105 t/232000 lbs & 200 t/441000 lbs
  • Minimal training requirements, Airlines estimates 80 % reduction in training costs
  • Ramp handling staff are now carrying out push back activity with Mototok as part of other functions, hence no dedicated staff is required
  • Reduction of Pushback delays with this concept.  BA has achieved 70 % reduction in NBA pushback delays
  • Increased level of safety due to full visibility of manoeuvring area and in sightline of flight crew, connected via wireless headset
  • Battery capacity is enough for up to 50 Pushbacks/ 7 km distance, can serve several stands
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • No Driver licence required
  • Worldwide remote diagnostic support
  • Invest now in the most modern, innovative electrical aircraft manoeuvring technology.


Hohenzollernstr. 47
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