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Stand: A54

Tim Fulton / CEO & Creator:

I spent over 38 years as a ramp agent for Alaska Airlines and have retired to pursue my dream of making the airline industry safer. Having spent nearly 4 decades in the industry gives me a unique insight and experience into the job. Not only was I confident that I could make it easier, but I could save airlines money as well. By combining my extensive experience in the airline industry and product development, I decided to set out to create a better solution.


TISABAS was designed from the ground up to be the best solution on the market. Not just for the job, but for the people doing the job. TISABAS doesn’t replace ramp agents, but instead makes their difficult job faster, and safer. No longer do rampers need to throw bags the length of the aircraft, or ruin their knees and backs bent over in the belly of a cramped plane. Coming from the same background as my clients gives me unique insights into the challenges they face. 

But don’t just take my word for it! I have received several awards from Alaska Airlines for safety, environmental, customer service and innovation. I was especially honored to receive the Legend Award from Alaska Airlines, which is given to select employees for going above and beyond consistently over years of service. Even the ramp agents who have tested TISABAS are in love with it!


225 Lakeview Drive
United States


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