Advanced Charging Technologies (ACT)

Stand number: B02

Advanced Charging Technologies is the recognized leader in integrated solutions that remotely monitor, analyze and control your GSE battery chargers.

ACT designed the world class, patented Quantum technology to modernize the global ground support industry. The Quantum GSE charger feature conventional, opportunity, and fast charge capabilities all integrated into a single charger design, targeted towards FBO, regional, and non-hub maintenance and logistics companies.  Like the Quantum series chargers, with a worldwide installed base of over 45,000 units, the Quantum GSE chargers feature modular technology, built-in redundancy, plug-n-play operation, and scalability through field expansion thus offering the highest reliability and the simplest serviceability in industrial charger technology. The Quantum chargers offer high energy efficiencies with peak efficiencies greater than 94 percent and full-cycle efficiencies greater than 93 percent.

One of the unique aspects of the Quantum charger is the integrated wireless communication that allows for seamless cloud integration, where real-time data is automatically uploaded to ACT’s cloud-based data management platform, ACTintelligent.  End users can centrally manage their charger assets, analyze operational data, optimize battery and fleet performance, generate performance reports, and troubleshoot charger issues.  In addition, wireless cloud integration allows for remote firmware and software updates enabling new functionalities to be added to the Quantum chargers with minimal effort.

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