Avio Green Services

Stand number: EX12B

AGS was founded in 2004 as part of AVIOGEI Airport Equipment Group to act as a service support provider for operators of all types of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) worldwide. Today, an independent company with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, AGS continues to grow its presence in the market with offices and representatives around the world, while remaining committed to its mission to provide the best experience to customers by offering the most innovative products and services.

In order to bring our clients the highest quality products and services, AGS engages its strong background in the field, robust resources, strategic alliances, and agility to offer a turn-key solution, currently unique in the market, especially with electrification of GSE of all major brands.

AGS can assist with a multitude of services from sourcing parts and dispatching them within 24 hours, to leasing, fleet management, training, refurbishing to 0 hours and converting to electric. A main player in the market, AGS is able to provide maintenance to any GSE at any airport, directly at the client site, or in one of our own workshops.

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