Stand number: C11

As leading Company in the air conditioning business, with more than 80 years’ experience manufacturing air conditioning equipment and a renowned 32 years expertise in the manufacturing of PCA units, CIAT will present the basics of air conditioning for parked aircraft maximizing energy efficiency by the use of Inverter and Heat Pump technologies providing an optimized indoor air quality in order to provide a superior Passenger’s comfort experience.

The know how obtained has allowed CIAT to develop the "Smart PCA" concept, the most versatile PCA ranges, such as ATURETM INVERTER, first Heat Pump PCA unit or ATURETM AQUAM, PCA solution for water-loop centralized systems, both meeting the most exigent airport’s needs, focusing on reliability as main priority.

CIAT’s own design department and the biggest climatic chamber in Europe has permitted us to design, test and supply different applications such as Avionics cooling with ATURETM INVERTER Fighter Jet version or VectiosTM for airports, designed for supplying air conditioned to Passenger Boarding Bridges at the most exigent climates.

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