Stand number: B12


  • Supply of refurbished GSE
  • GSE rental solutions
  • GSE maintenance
  • Transport & special projects
The strong and future-proof family business is led by the three Moyson brothers: Tom, Wim and Bart.

The company was founded in 1988 by their father Marc (†2018) in Londerzeel in Belgium where the Opel garage, bodywork and metalworking company Decoda are still located today.

In 2007, a building at Brussels Airport was taken into use to meet the increasing demand from airport customers. In the meantime, workshops have been added at the airports of Ostend and Liege. The company does not only maintain the rolling stock, but also buys and rents out GSE: in Belgium and at various airports throughout Europe, more than 1500 different vehicles are available for rent. This fleet consists of motorized and non-motorized units that are maintained by the highest standards.

In 2019, a new building in Willebroek was put into use. Here, all types of GSE material can be refurbished to perfection. Painting, sandblasting and metallization are possible.

Over the years, our own fleet has also been supplemented with trucks, specialized trailers and cranes to guarantee smooth transport of GSE. Our team is also ready to support with special projects such as loading and unloading special heavy loads.

A selection of some of our satisfied customers and partners: Brussels Airlines, DHL, Aviapartner, TUI, SPS,…

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