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DOLL is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of transport vehicles for timber transport, heavy haulage, airport equipment and defense applications. For over 140 years, we have been merging our experience in vehicle construction with visionary ideas. We research the technology of tomorrow and make great strides in the world of transport solutions – on every terrain. This has always been our recipe for success and it always will be.

DOLL Airport Equipment
Catering, cleaning and medical highloaders. Transfer heights of 1.1 to 8.3 m. What do they all have in common? Premium quality, long-lasting performance, maximum safety and outstanding user-friendliness.

Electronic assistance systems: Leading intelligent assistance on the airfield
  • DOLL SAS Safe Approach System: Maximum safety every time you dock.
  • DOLL OCS Operating and Control System: The epitome of user-friendliness and driver support.
  • Vision X: New highlight: 12“ screen
  • DOLL RDS: Service from a distance. On hand, remotely.
The installed safety features and operating assistants are unparalleled – and of course they comply with all the latest international guidelines, such as EN, IATA, ANSI and SAE.

The world´s first 100 % zero-emission highloader superstructure.
  • 100 % emission-free process on the aircraft
  • ROI in only 3,5 years
  • Lifetime* savings of up to 110.000 € compared to an ordinary vehicle
  • 349 tons of CO2 savings with every vehicle for the entire lifetime*
  • Up to 11 aircraft operations with a fully charged battery
  • The values have been calculated for a two shift daily operation for the climatic conditions in central Europe or the US.
*Lifetime = 15 years

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