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Dynell stands for “dynamic, electrical, electrifying” and this is what we are. The company was founded with the goal to revolutionize the supply of ground support equipment and setting new standards in the field of power supply for aircrafts at airports. The core of the company is the team and its high degree of pioneering spirit, teamwork and commitment, are therefore the basis of our success.

The innovative product range includes efficient battery and diesel-driven ground power units, a completely new concept for solid-state ground power units and all kinds of connection systems like cable coils and pit systems. In addition, AC and DC chargers for GSE equipment completes the portfolio of Dynell.

The latest development which has been added is the battery powered mobile ground power unit. An outstanding battery design combined with the most innovative solid-state technology provides a green 400 Hz and 28 VDC power everywhere needed at non electrified places, no matter whether it is a narrow or wide body aircraft.

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