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Founded in 1969, Kalmar Motor AB is renown for its innovation and leading design for the manufacture of aircraft handling tractors. As of today, Kalmar Motor is the only GSE manufacture to have a complete portfolio of full electric powered aircraft handling tractors with more than 13 years worldwide operational experience utilising Lithium-Ion battery technology.

Kalmar Motor's design authenticity is based on a philosophy of 'creative simplicity' resulting in simple to operate tractors that are simple to maintain ensuring maximum return on investment for our customers.

The Kalmar Motor FB150E, FB250EL and FB600EL Conventional type aircraft towing tractors are capable of handling all aircraft upto the A380, while the TBL100E, TBL50EL, TBL180EL, TBL190EL and TBL800EL Towbarless tractors are capable of handling regional aircraft up to the A380. All of Kalmar Motor's tractors (Except TBL100E) are designed with the same operator cabin which enables cross fleet commonality for ease of operation and reduced training / retraining requirements.

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