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Almost 100 years after the world’s first snow plough mounted to a car was manufactured by Øveraasen, the company has become the world leading manufacturer of snow removal equipment for major airports all around the world.

Wider – Faster – Better
In 2021 Øveraasen launched the new RS 600 Performance Line. The RS 600 Performance Line is by far the world’s largest and most powerful runway sweeper. It makes airport snow clearing even more efficient and saves the environment. This machine sets the standard when it comes to focusing on optimizing the snow clearing fleet with fewer machines, increased capacity, performance and professionalism and reduced operational cost.

The machine is prepared for the future and can be operated with a driver assist system or a full autonomous system.

The product range consists of runway sweepers, unit snow blowers, element ploughs and self-propelled snow blowers ranging from TV 750 up to the world’s biggest snow blower – the TV 2200.

Øveraasen has, together with our sub supplier Yeti Move, during the last couple of years delivered autonomous runway sweepers to both Swedavia and Avinor as the first and leading supplier in our industry.

In addition, Øveraasen manufactures snow removal equipment for roads and railways.

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