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Sichuan CAMY New Energy Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and has entered the new energy industry since the 2008 Beijing Green Olympics. It is a high-tech enterprise that has grown with the rise and development of China's electric vehicle industry. The company's technical team brings together battery experts from South Korea and Japan. The production of battery systems has reached the international leading level and has more than 100 patented technologies. The company focuses on the advanced concept of safe lithium energy & efficient intelligence & green low-carbon to expand the application of lithium power, and has incubated safe lithium energy series products, lithium battery fire prevention and suppression systems, high-efficiency EIC systems, low-energy consumption charging equipment, and driverless skateboard chassis. And it is committed to the R&D and application of battery cascade utilization and hydrogen energy power system of special equipment.

In 2013, CAMY was the first in the world to launch the "Lithium Battery Fire Suppression System" with independent intellectual property rights. On the basis of safe battery cells, we will escort customers' worry-free use of lithium batteries and achieve CAMY's vision of green and low-carbon commission. Since 2015, CAMY's self-developed safety battery system, BMS management system, lithium battery fire prevention and suppression system, charging pile, and standard energy storage package are widely used in ground support equipment, passenger cars, special vehicles, rail engineering machinery and equipment, forklifts, sightseeing high and low voltage power supply market for various systems such as cars, golf carts, and new energy ships.

CAMY-CreAte Mature batterY (CAMY, only do mature battery systems)

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