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SYN TRAC - Made in Austria

SYN TRAC GmbH has specialized in the manufacture of a new vehicle category and was founded in 2015. The result of years of research and development is a system and equipment carrier that means a revolution on the vehicle market through the use of high-tech.

The SYN TRAC system & equipment carrier is a new value-added concept. The benefits appeal to both immediate users and financial decision makers. The well thought-through technology provides systems that create better working conditions for municipalities, contractors, road maintenance, motorway maintenance and airport equipment departments, among others.

DOCKING SYSTEM – eine Revolution
One of the technological cores in the SYN TRAC is the self-developed and patented docking system. This means that all attachments at the front and rear can be docked within a minute. Seven connection areas, namely mechanics, hydraulics, PTO shaft, final drive, electrics, electronics and compressed air are automatically coupled within a minute. The driver stays in the cab and changes quickly and safely from one attachment to the next. Manual intervention from the outside is not necessary when changing applications, the danger area remains free of people. Changeover times that normally take several hours are reduced to a fraction of a minute, regardless of which attachment is changed. The user has more time available in which he can pursue the main fields of activity of his work. The preparation for the work assignments and the work itself is easier, faster and safer.

The vehicle control is identically assigned to the same joystick, user-friendly and efficient. The SYN TRAC recognizes the attachment when docking and is immediately ready for use. An optimized, integrative system solution is available to the user.

The company has been producing in series since 2021, on an area of 2000 m² in a newly built hall in Bad Goisern. The company currently employs 40 people. Successful market entries in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France are among the milestones of 2021. The pilot customers in the municipal sector are successfully using the system vehicle, which can be used all year round, in the fifth winter season.

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