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For 25 years Trilogical, a leader in the field of Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics, has been developing customized IoT solutions providing smart Asset Management for Aviation, Railways and Security organizations. Our proprietary products have been deployed in large-scale global projects and are implemented in mission-critical applications by defense & HLS organizations, airport, train, and transportation authorities.

Trilogical’s comprehensive solutions for Aviation are based on a deep understanding of the industry’s challenges enabling better and safer control of ground airside operations for GSE fleet tracking, maintenance, and airside workforce management.


Trilogical’s AMAS (Airside Mobile Asset Solution) offers ground service providers and airport operators a tool to monitor and control the GSE fleet. With real-time location monitoring, and operator access control, AMAS improves maintenance processes and manages workforce and equipment. As a highly flexible platform, it enables import and sharing of information with all key IT systems in airport operations like FIS, tasks, and fleet management.

Trilogical’s BodyGuard is an onboard combination of sensors and telemetry which coordinates a GSE’s approach to an aircraft by controlling both the speed and stop procedures in accordance with IATA AHM 913 standards. The system provides the operator with visual and audible alerts and disables a GSE in the event of an incident. When integrated with our Airside Mobile Asset Solution, BodyGuard is a damage prevention and monitoring system to track and control your GSE fleet.

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