A show serving the needs of the GSE community

GHI is delighted to partner with IAEMA to launch a new GSE Expo Europe, at Paris Le Bourget from 13-15 September 2022. The expo will be delivered by the GSE community, focusing on the needs of the GSE community.

GSE Expo Europe will be a dedicated community hub for GSE suppliers and users. A place where companies supplying different types of GSE can pool ideas and share innovations to help operators rise to the challenges of the post-pandemic landscape.

Key focuses of the show will be product innovations and technologies that improve safety, autonomous GSE and hybrid/electrical vehicles and battery technology. This is a dedicated forum for driving stakeholder collaboration and best practice sharing between equipment suppliers and frontline airport users.

GSE Expo Europe will take place on years ending in an even number in Europe, opposite IAEMA’s US based International GSE Expo, which will take place on years ending in an odd number.

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A letter from Michael Bloomfield, IAEMA Board Chairman

“It is a rare occurrence when a large group of companies can come together to create an event that will truly enhance the industry. We will now have a dedicated forum where we can showcase the very best of what we offer. The GSE Expo Europe will be dedicated to the GSE industry to serve the best interests of GSE suppliers and our customers.”

Michael Bloomfield, IAEMA Chairman

“I am excited that the leaders in the GSE industry are continuing to push forward, despite the global pandemic. A GSE Expo Europe in 2022 will provide a much more focused, customer centric venue that truly supports our global customers as our industry fights our way back to recovery.”

Lee Coon, Vice President Sales and Customer Care, JBT.

“This is an incredible opportunity to work with the very best GSE suppliers in the world to shape an event that will make a real difference in helping the supply chain rise to the challenges of a post-COVID world. IAEMA shares our mission to connect, inspire and support the world’s aviation community.”

Max Gosney, GHI Conference Chairman

“From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at a trade show is part of our commercial activity. This is always a powerful platform for meeting new customers, reaching out to existing clients and friends in the industry. Attending GSE Expo Europe show, organised by GSE key players, for the GSE community is ‘the deal’. Leaner in the organisation, cheaper in investment, greater in returns.”

Valentin Schmitt, Chief Executive Officer of the TLD Group

”This new show is driven by key members of the GSE community who have a deep desire to create an event that truely meets the needs of our industry. OEMs in coordination with the board of IAEMA got together during COVID to navigate our path as the market recovers. We believe that GSE Expo Europe is an essential step to ensuring that recovery by bringing us closer to our customers and one another as suppliers.”

Owen McKenna, IAEMA Director & Sales Director at Mallaghan

Showcasing product innovations and new technologies

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Paris Le Bourget Exhibition Centre - 13-15 September 2022