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Innovation Zone - Driving GSE into the future 

The Innovation Zone is a dedicated feature area at GSE Expo Europe that explores the most exciting advances in GSE and ramp technology.

Innovation matters in our industry. Nearly 80% of show visitors in 2022 said discovering new products/innovation was their primary reason for attending.

The Innovation Zone answers an overwhelming customer demand for expert insight on the newest technologies set to enhance ground operations.

GHI is looking for suppliers to host an innovation corner within the Zone around their chosen theme. You will have the opportunity to display your product solution and host a roundtable discussion.


Innovation Zone key themes for 2024 include…

  • Autonomous vehicles, Automation/AI, Sustainability, New battery technology, Electric vehicles, Hydrogen, Exoskeletons, Telematics, Baggage loading systems, Anti-Collision Systems, Biofuels
  • “An excellent forum to meet existing suppliers, learn about innovative products and solutions and to build new business relationships.”
  • “People used to say nothing ever changes with GSE. Today that’s simply not the case – the advancement genie has jumped out of the bottle.”

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