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EasyMile’s people mover, EZ10, operates all over the world in a variety of spaces including city centers, towns, universities, corporate campuses, hospitals, parks, and more. The shuttle runs safely and effectively in a wide range of environments, including varying traffic conditions (segregated road, mixed traffic with bicycles and pedestrians, mixed traffic with low-speed cars, etc.) and changing weather conditions (extreme heat, snow, rain, etc).

It improves public transport by connecting hubs and in many areas, provides a public service and where there otherwise wasn’t one.

The EZ10 has been designed with appropriate levels of safety and system redundancies to enable safe operation with entirely remote supervision in specified operational design domains (ODDs), especially private sites.

It is the first autonomous shuttle to offer fully driverless operation, at Level 4 of Autonomous Driving (SAE), without safety operator on-board, remotely supervised.


Plug’s Fuel Cell solutions are a proven power source for Airport GSE electric vehicles, all the way from Tractors to Loaders. The Fuel Cell is a complete ‘plug and play’ system that balances the need of increased power and operational efficiency, all while generating zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Fuel Cell’s allow fleets to achieve greater range and payload for the lowest cost of ownership – it maximizes towing and lifting capacity and only requires three to four minutes for refueling.

Fuel Cells use Green Hydrogen as a fuel, which can be delivered with flexibility,  causing no disruption to airport operations and requires no major airport infrastructure additions.  In asset-intensive applications Plug’s fuel cell systems have significant productivity and environmental advantages over alternative options.


Targa Telematics partners with some of the largest airport service providers, supporting the innovation of ground handling activities. The development of dedicated cutting-edge technology is enabling the digitalization of airport processes, allowing operators to perform their tasks in a safer, more efficient, and regulated manner.

The innovation developed by Targa Telematics focuses mainly in 3 areas:

- Fleet Optimisation: smart fleet data help ramp managers define reliable and agile GSE strategies, ensuring GSE availability and readiness when it matters.

- Electric GSE management: advanced telematics enable managers to oversight Li battery life and charging protocols, enhancing productivity and the environmental footprint.

- GSE pooling: made possible to share GSE effectively with multiple handlers, reducing congestion and the environmental impact of GSE activities while increasing on-time performance and safety standards