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Exhibitor Manual

Exhibition Hall Weight Limits

Exhibition Hall Weight Loading Limits


The maximum floor loadings within the exhibition halls are as follows:


• The venue maximum point load is 65kN (6628 kg or 6.6t) in the halls on a 30cm x 30cm contact patch.

• The maximum axle load in the halls is 12 tonnes for.  Therefore, a four wheeled vehicle can have a load of 6 tonne maximum per wheel.


Therefore, our maximum vehicle weight in the hall is 24 tonne or 24 000kg.


There is no limit for outdoor stands.


If an exhibitor’s machine or vehicle exceeds these loads it may be possible in some cases to spread the load sufficiently to allow it into the halls.  But this will only enable us to increase the load allowed a small amount.  This will need to be looked at carefully and agreed with venue.


All exhibitors will be contacted during the lead up to the show to establish:


  • Vehicle Size
  • Vehicle Weight
  • Arrival time & Date


This information will then be fed in to a schedule and agreed with our appointed lifting contractor.  This enables us to hire the correct manpower and equipment to suit our exhibitors’ requirements.

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